Facilitating the automated storage and categorisation of mobile data

POLUS provides a coherent and managed repository that securely stores forensic acqusitions in an encrypted evidential container, together with an intelligence container which can easily ingested into analytical toolsets for further processing

Secure storage

Proficient data management

The automated storage and categorisation of device acquisitions enables organisations to access, share and save information effectively within a reliable and secure system.

Network cable

Evidential integrity

Secure, encrypted transfer of data prevents interception or leakage of information.  Connectivity between POLUS and a data extraction terminal is only enabled during the upload process.  Communication is only possible between POLUS and verified data extraction terminal.

End-to-end mobile data forensics solution

With the option to ingest acquired data into third party analytical tools, our data extraction products supported by a POLUS Networked Solution delivers a fit for purpose forensic examination capability.


Evidential Container

Simplified data management and a secure archive of evidential reports that can be easily accessed by analysts.

Intelligence Container

For wider intelligence gathering investigations, relevant acquired data can be easily ingested into third party analytic tools.

Operational efficiency

Storing all acquisitions electronically instead of creating evidential discs facilitates easy data retrieval, whilst saving money and time.

Adherence to data assurance standards

POLUS helps organisations to comply with statutory, force, national and international data assurance standards.