Mobile forensics exploitation and intelligence gathering solution in theatres of operation


Real-time, ground level intelligence

By using recovered call registers, messaging and app data retrieved by ATHENA, operators can gather and pass on real-time intelligence immediately.

ATHENA with phones

Total mobile device intelligence solution

Acquisition capabilities cover Cellular Exploitation (CELLEX), Media Exploitation (MEDEX), GPS location and an integrated camera capability for a complete intelligence overview.

Keyboard fingerprint

Develop a rich intelligence database

ATHENA is proven to increase operational success and mission effectiveness by helping to create detailed, intelligence-driven reports.

As organised crime and terrorist activities become increasingly complex and sophisticated, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies require a solution that provides the ability to rapidly capture relevant evidence and intelligence data for further analysis

Identify potential threats

Extract and process communication positioning information from SIM cards, GPS, satellite and mobile phones, including grey-market handsets.

Find matching information

Empower operational decision making using ATHENA’s Hotlist function to flag matches between previously held intelligence and current mission acquisition data.


Reduce the length of the acquisition process by using Mission Profiles during time-critical operations by only acquiring data that is of value to the mission.

Capture Biometric information

Add optional fingerprint and face recognition capabilities to acquire information which can be ingested into national databases and/or third party analytics tool.