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What we do

Radio Tactics assist customers in managing their digital mobile device forensics strategy more effectively.


Our innovative mobile data extraction solutions enable frontline, non-forensic specialists to securely acquire data from digital mobile devices, providing real-time capture of evidence and intelligence.


Our superior POLUS networked solution connects our mobile data extraction equipment, helping customers to effortlessly store, manage and utilise digital mobile device data.


Radio Tactics is committed to working in partnership with our customers to develop cutting edge solutions that are perfectly suited to the user and the ever changing environment in which they operate.


Quality, security and integrity are at the core of everything we do.

Our Customers

We have developed products that are used extensively by Police forces and homeland security services in the UK, Australia, APAC, ME and the USA.


All our customers enjoy:


– a personalised solution


– on-site training that focuses on the customer’s configuration and work-flows


– sustainment that ensures that customers are able to extract data from phones both old and new


Radio Tactics are aware that technology is changing at a rapid rate and that our current and future customers have evolving requirements, for this reason we prefer to remain agnostic when interfacing to 3rd party analytic tools, instead working with customers by providing a standard interface.


Radio Tactics are also aware that the value of the solutions is increasing and that many other aspects may need to be integrated to form a complete solution, to ensure the customer’s requirements are met we are prepared to work with System Integrators (SI), Prime Contractors (PC) and Service Providers (SP) on a case by case basis.

What our customers say

“The ACESO terminals are absolutely invaluable and one of the best bits of kit I have access to. My current investigation saw 20 phones seized, in the first week I have already had the main offenders’ phones downloaded and got some really good evidence from them. Without ACESO, this would have take weeks and it is very likely the majority of phones wouldn’t ever get downloaded because of cost and time implications.”

“As with all investigations, if it starts wrong, it will end wrong. ACESO takes away the risk of evidential contamination and business process errors”

“The ACESO terminal was selected because of its simplicity of use by a frontline officer and the clearly structured process flow of acquisition of the examined device. This simplicity and structured flow gave reassurance that frontline officers were exposed to the least possible risk whilst undertaking an acquisition. To date, the examination process has yet to be challenged by the Court System and the evidence produced has been accepted by all prosecution and defence teams.”

Our Values


We work together with our customers and empower teams to turn ideas and technologies into quality driven solutions that provide a quality of service above the customer’s expectations.



Security is at the heart of our design philosophy to ensure that the extracted information cannot be contaminated or compromised both during and after the extraction.


Our integrity is our reputation. We develop from the ground up and we are honest and take responsibility so that we can be relied upon to deliver on our commitments.


We ensure our solutions deliver continual advancement to our customers evidence and intelligence gathering requirements.


We offer dedicated technical support for all our products, available through email or telephone.


We have a range of support packages to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and support.


We place great emphasis on working together with customers to build and maintain strong relationships.


We insist on a first class support service that is an integral part of our ongoing sustainment ethos.


Technical Support

Our dedicated Support Team are able to provide fast and accurate technical support.

Email Support

Use this link to contact Support or the button below.

Telephone Support

Call +44 (0)2380 333393

Repair/Replacement Service

Our Support Team are able to provide a rapid repair/replacement service for faulty/damaged equipment.

Software Updates

Regular software updates cover new device support and app decoders, as well as software enhancements.

Audit Trail

Integrated encrypted audit logging facilities automatically log usage information, providing key Management Information.


Blended training

Our certified training programmes are split into modules which enables customers to manage their training more easily.

E-learning modules have been developed to provide an introduction to our products and digital mobile device forensics.

This is followed by a practical, instructor-led course in which trainees perform device acquisitions, providing a more hands on learning experience.

Stay up-to-date

Our Training Portal helps operators to stay up-to-date by providing a comprehensive range of relevant information, including additional training support material, software update information and whitepapers.

Due to the rapid rate of innovation in mobile device technology and the corresponding features and functions within our products, we strongly believe in the importance of Refresher Training which is available as E-learning courses.

Assessment and certification

The competency of every delegate is formally assessed at the end of every course and delegates receive a certificate and, for ACESO Operators, a personal Keycard when they have satisfactorily completed the assessments.

Bespoke training packages

Our training courses have been designed to reflect customers’ operational needs and enhance the trainee’s learning experience.

Content is tailored to the needs of the customer and suit every level of delegate experience.

Training packages can incorporate organisational polices and procedures.

Latest News

IOS 13 logo

ACESO & ATHENA V10.3 Released

Adding to the huge improvements in our V10.2 update, we are pleased to announce that we have rapidly added support for Apple’s recent release of the iOS 13 & 13.1 updates. Please contact us for full details of the ACESO and ATHENA V10.3 release. October 2019 | Posted in News


ACESO V10.1 Released

Investigators and Report Viewer users can now surface evidence and intelligence from an ACESO acquisition within seconds using  the new Advanced Search feature! We’ve also added support for new iPhone devices as well as improvements to call logs acquisitions Please contact us for full details of the ACESO V10.1 release. January 2019 | Posted in […]


ACESO & ATHENA V8.6 Released

Following the recent release of Apple’s iOS 12, we have added support for devices running this operating system, as well as adding the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max to the ACESO and ATHENA phone databases. Please contact us for full details of the ACESO and ATHENA V8.6 release. September 2018 | Posted in News