Evidence in the

palm of your hands 

Gather mobile device evidence at the crime scene

ACESO Field empowers
operators to examine digital mobile devices quickly and accurately from a robust, lightweight and portable

Act while the chain of evidence is still live

The value of certain data
deteriorates rapidly once a device has been seized.  ACESO Field enables operators to act immediately on evidence or intelligence acquired from a device.

ACESO Field in use

Capture mobile device data immediately

Operators can instantly capture large volumes of evidentially-sound data from digital devices, SIM and media cards, providing evidence and intelligence for fast case progression.

The portable mobile device forensics solution

Designed for the frontline, non-expert user

Easy-to-use, fully guided acquisition process suitable for users of all levels of technical ability.  Supports principle of proportionality.

Comply to evidence collection procedures

ACESO Field can only be accessed by trained operators.  The unique locked down data acquisition process, data encryption and network isolation technology ensure adherance to the strictest evidence collection procedures.

Achieves Rapid ROI

Organisations with ACESO deployments have achieved spectacular cost savings and productivity improvements by increasing investigative capacity whilst freeing up specialist resources.

identify additional lines of enquiry

Using recovered digital data, operators can obtain additional information which can lead to further cause for arrest and the identification of other people of interest.

Customisable and future proof solution

ACESO software is tailored to meet specific customer requirements.  Customers can define workflows to ensure users adhere to a predetermined process.   The Field Dual can also be securely connected to a POLUS server, enabling operators to upload device acquisitions to a network.