We ensure our solutions deliver continual advancement to our customers evidence and intelligence gathering requirements.  

We offer dedicated technical support for all our products, available through email or telephone.  

We have a range of support packages to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and support.  

We place great emphasis on working together with customers to build and maintain strong relationships.  

We insist on a first class support service that is an integral part of our ongoing sustainment ethos.  

“The ACESO terminals are absolutely invaluable and one of the best bits of kit I have access to. My current investigation saw 20 phones seized, in the first week I have already had the main offenders’ phones downloaded and got some really good evidence from them. Without ACESO, this would have take weeks and it […]

“As with all investigations, if it starts wrong, it will end wrong. ACESO takes away the risk of evidential contamination and business process errors”

“The ACESO terminal was selected because of its simplicity of use by a frontline officer and the clearly structured process flow of acquisition of the examined device. This simplicity and structured flow gave reassurance that frontline officers were exposed to the least possible risk whilst undertaking an acquisition. To date, the examination process has yet […]