Our Toolkit’s hardware and software solutions can be utilised for more complex mobile acquisitions

Apple device large

Bypass device passcodes

The smartphone password retrieval device can by bypass passcodes on Apple devices running iOS 7 and iOS 8 to 8.1, as well as Android PINs.

Android device

Bypass Android pattern locks

The pattern lock adaptor can bypass Android pattern locks of any length between 4 to 9 points.

Toolkit training

One-day training package ensures fronline users are proficient in the usage of all the elements of the Toolkit.

Also included

Extend capabilities

Using the included adaptor, bypass Apple passcodes on iPhone 6, 6plus, 5, 5c, 5s, 4, 4s, running iOS 8 to 8.1, without any disassembly.

Power solutions

A variety of charging solutions provide power options in the office and field for devices that are not fully charged, or devices with missing or damaged batteries.

Additional accessories

The Toolkit solution is complemented by additional accessories to increase the operator’s acquisition capacity.